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Inspiring Women Over 40 Who Embrace Rediscovery, Prioritize Self, and Live Well

Rediscover the Woman in You

Welcome to Mocha Lifestyle®, an online community where Black and Brown women over 40 come together to rediscover, rejuvenate, and reignite our passions. Sis, this is your safe haven, where self-care is not only encouraged but celebrated.

Embark on a transformative journey as we navigate the wonders of womanhood after 40. Here, your story is cherished, your voice is heard, and every step you take towards self-discovery is honored.

Real Talk + Real Growth

Authentic conversations are the lifeline of our community. This is a sacred space for shared experiences where wisdom is woven into every dialogue, and connections blossom into lifelong friendships.

Engage in heartfelt discussions, seek advice, swap stories, or simply listen. Within the Mocha Lifestyle® community, laughter and wisdom intertwine, and you'll discover a genuine sense of belonging that resonates deeply.

Happy. Healthy. Whole.

Our community's philosophy of "Happy. Healthy. Whole." starts here. Embrace our guided wellness challenges designed for the unique needs of women over 40. These are more than just activities; they are transformative experiences crafted with your well-being in heart.

Step into a world where your health takes precedence, with resources and challenges that nudge you gently towards an active and fulfilling way of life. 

Meetups that Matter

Whether virtual or in-person, our meetups and self-care retreats are the heartbeat of our community. We richly design each experience to foster deep connections and collective growth.

Be it meditating outdoors or a lively discussion online, every opportunity to come together is a step closer to understanding ourselves and each other in a more meaningful way.

Workshops that Inspire

Elevate your life with workshops helmed by subject matter experts who inspire, inform, and ignite sparks of transformation within you. These engaging sessions are more than mere conversations—they are stepping stones to mastering the art of self-care and personal growth.

Be Part of Something Special

Gain exclusive access to a world where being over 40 is not an age—it's a starting point for something beautiful.

In our community, every day is ripe with the potential for discovery. Each interaction is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself, and every woman here reflects strength, grace, and the unwavering power of feminine resilience.

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When you join Mocha Lifestyle® today, you become part of a collective that supports, motivates, and cherishes the full spectrum of womanhood. Because together, we are not just growing—we are thriving.

This community is for us, by us, and unapologetically celebrates us. This is 40+, and it looks good on you, Sis!